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We're All-American.

Update: Nola x Buck puppies arrived 1/3! See the puppies page for details. 

爱德华卢斯(Edward Luce)
inspect(vt 检查;视察)根:spect看

Song “Give Me Your Love”(Zhang Jie and Yoga Lin)
Red ones mean passion and romance, yellow ones speak of friendship, and pink can express your thanks.红玫瑰代表热情和浪漫,黄玫瑰象征友谊,粉玫瑰则表达谢意。If


"AB's are as true as the Red, White and Blue."

Contrary to the consensus view -- which assumes that smartphones in China will only get cheaper -- she cites research showing that the average selling price stablized last yearand has actually started to increase as Chinese users trade up to higher-quality smartphones.
James Bond Themes 5. "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings
Whatever one's view, two further points for and against Russia's global standing are undeniable: